Actress Ranjitha Attempts Suicide?

Ever since the Nityananda sex video has been leaked, a rather shocking facet of the noted heroine Ranjitha came into light. Now, even more shocking is the buzz from Tamilnadu that Ranjitha has actually attempted suicide. Apparently, this dusky babe is said to be a divorcee.

But then, on the other hand, there are those who say that Ranjitha is the more blackmailing types and even this video was made with the intention of blackmailing the Swami. However, the plan misfired and it somehow went into the hands of the media and that has collapsed the whole sketch.

The tensions are high in the Telugu cine circuit amongst the directors and those associated to Ranjitha. She was seen in the movie ‘Maavichiguru’ as the second heroine and Sriramulayya etc. For now, the suicide news just looks like a made up story by Tamil sources

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