Actress Rajini filed a complaint on famous International school

Actress Rajini Complaints on a School

Actress Rajini, who was well known as a top yesteryear actress, has two sons and a daughter. All of them were studying in DRS International School. Recently, she filed a complaint on this international school saying that the teachers are torturing her kids physically and mentally.

Her elder son Ajay used to study 10th Sandard in this school and as the school management reportedly harassed him mentally, Rajini mentioned that she changed the school for him. Now, the other two kids too faced similar issues.

As per Rajini’s story, her daughter Rithika was beaten in front of all the kids by her maths teacher. Rajini filed a complaint on this on 28th October. It seems that her younger son Dhanush too was punished infront of other kids for walking in the bus. Rajini took it seriously and she filed strong complaint on the school. She mentioned that she would take this to top level if the school management doesn’t react on this.

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