Actress Radha Prasanthi Revealed Her Pen Drive Secrets

Media has in the past few days written many stories about the lost pen drive of actress Radha Prasanthi and how Banjara Hills police worked hard to nab the perpetrator who stole her pen drive.

Radha Prasanthi Pen Drive
Radha Prasanthi Pen Drive

In a media meet arranged at Somajiguda press club, Radha Prasanthi, President award winner and an actor in over 100 films, said that a person who met her through facebook took pen drive from her claiming that he would create a facebook page for her as she has good popularity due to her awards and social service.

Radha claimed that he went missing from contact and she feared that he would morph hers and her family photos in the pen drive and use them for misdeeds. Hence she lodged a police case and later felt bad when she saw media blew the matter out of proportions.

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