Actress Priyanka slapped

Actress Priyanka slapped!

That’s right! Newcomer Sri Priyanka was slapped by the director-turned-actor Kalanjiyam as a part of a scene on the sets of their next film.


A source from the sets of the film says, ” Both Sri Priyanka and Kalanjiyam rehearsed the slapping scene a couple of times. But during the take, the actor mis-timed the shot and his heavy hand resulted in the slap landing on the actress’ ear. The actress fainted immediately and was taken to the hospital.”

Confirming the news, Director turned Actor Kalanjiyam said, “This happened purely because of mis-timing of the shot. I too was shocked on seeing Priyanka hurt so badly. I’d apologise to her once she becomes alright.”

Earlier, Kalanjiyam had lodged a complaint against Actress Anjali, accusing her of unprofessional attitude, since she refused to shoot for his movie.

Meanwhile, Sri Priyanka’s father said, “I’m worried about my health’s condition. I agree that the shot have just been a mistake. But what about humanity? No one from the film’s unit accompanied me to the hospital to check on my daughter. No one has enquired about her condition yet. I’m in a dilemma. I dont know whether to lodge a police complaint first or directly take this issue to the Directors’ council. I will take strict action.”

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