Actress Pooja Gandhi Escaped from Hotel Without Paying Bill

Pooja Gandhi is one of the noted actors in the Kannada film industry. She recently stayed at a luxury hotel in Bangalore and had billed around Rs 4.5 lakhs. The actress who does not have an idea about the costly affair immediately escaped from the hotel after getting notified about the bill.

Pooja Gandhi
Pooja Gandhi

The hotel management immediately discovered her missing and registered a police case against her. The cops have investigated the same and sent notices to the actress. But, Pooja Gandhi claims that she paid Rs 2 lakh rupees already. She then requested the hotel management to give her some time for paying the remaining amount.

Having left with no other option, the hotel management is said to have given her time for paying the bill. This is not the first time that Pooja was in the news for the wrong reasons. In 2011, she faced disputed with the producer Kiran.

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