Actress lodged complaint against a man for urinating on her car

Monal Gajjar lodged a complaint against a man, Kamlesh Patel who was urinating in the open near a complex at Gulbai Tekra. While the cops have registered an FIR under section 110,117, 294 (b) for obscenity in public and using abusive language, the shopkeeper Patel who owns a photocopy shop in the same complex said he was urinating in the open as the washroom in his complex was under repairs.

actress monal gajjar police complaint
actress monal gajjar police complaint

According to FIR lodged by Gajjar who also works in Telugu, Tamil, Malayam and Marathi films had gone to her cousin sister Payal’s beauty parlor located in a complex near Gulbai Tekra. A senior police official of Gujarat University police station said,” Gajjar had just parked her car on the roadside when she saw a man urinating in the public just in front of the car. Gajjar honked but the man did not pay any attention and after urinating he came to Gajjar’s car and said why she was blowing her car horn.

However when Gajjar told him that he cannot urinate in the open, the man got enraged and used abusive language. The police added, “Gajjar then warned her to hold his words or else she will make his video. The man got more agitated and told her to do whatever she can. Gajjar then made her video and put it on social media.”

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