Actress Kaniha gets a tattoo!

Actress Kaniha has a lot to be happy about these days with her movie How Old Are You starring Manju Warrier getting a very warm reception from the fans and her pivotal role in the flick being appreciated in the process. After all the success of the movie is the success of the actors in it too.


Soon before the movie’s release this weekend, the young actress decided to make another little dream of hers come true and that is to get herself inked with a tattoo!

Yes, the charming beauty after a long while of thinking about it and wanting to do it, finally made the leap a few days back and got a tattoo on her right arm… and this is what she had to say about it to her fans through Facebook:

“Finally decided to break the dilemma I’ve had for a very long time and I got inked today…I wanted an image that’ll mean something to me all my life…here I am with my brand new tattoo…##feeling so happppyyy##”

Well, looking good Kaniha and kudos on being true to yourself and expressing yourself freely in life and in your art.

Apart from Kaniha, the other actress of note to have a tattoo in Mollywood (that we know of at least) is the ever so courageous and gorgeous Mamtha Mohandas. So it looks like Kaniha is in good company and that the list might be growing…

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