Actress Iniya’s sister’s fiancé robbed her!!

In true cinematic fashion, it turns out the real culprit was in the family itself! Let’s recap first, to last week when there was a major theft at actress Iniya’s home in Thiruvananthapuram, and the burglars got away with almost Rs 6 lacs in cash and some very valuable gold ornaments. The family of the actress was away watching the late show of a movie at a local theatre when the theft happened.


Now the police have found the culprits behind the theft and it seems the real mastermind was none other than the actress’s sister Swathy’s would be groom – Shabin. The young man who hailed from a financially poor background was in need of some money urgently and this robbery was the means to it.
The plan was hatched between Shabin and Rajan, a small time criminal with a long rap sheet, and the original plan (tragically) was to rob the family of his fiancé the night of their engagement.

Talk about cold blooded and heartless!

However, when that plan did not work out, their hands were forced and it was Shabin who informed Rajan when the family, along with him, were going out at night. Guess who’s idea it was for everyone to go see a movie? Shabin’s!

The calculating youth had already found out about the cash and gold kept at the house and had acquired over time a set of duplicate keys to the almarah. Shabin accomplished all this as he had been given the freedom to come and go in the house as he wished, by the all too trusting family.

In the end of course, justice did prevail and already around Rs 2.5 lacs of the money has been recovered by the cops. Shabin and one of the other culprits, Saju, have been arrested while the other two involved – Rajan and an unnamed person have absconded.

While we have to feel glad that things turned out well in the end – to some extent at least – our hearts do go out to the family, who still haven’t gotten all their hard earned property back and must be devastated that someone they gave their trust to – someone who they were about to bless with the hand of their daughter in wedlock no less – turned out to be so disloyal and treacherous.

We wish the family the very best and hope they pull through out of this mess in the end stronger than ever..

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