Actress in anguish

Actress Sudha, popular for mother roles in Tollywood, is not active these days. Till recently, she used to be very agile at film function, putting on a smile. It is learnt that the actress is keeping a low profile for the last couple of months. Her conversation with her colleagues also has touched a low-level. Some of her close friends try in vain to contact her. When a popular comedian went to her house, the actress was said to have expressed her unhappiness at something, at which the guest was stunned. She was also said to have sent him without doing even the least guest honors. The reason for her anguish is this: Her colleagues – Shivaparvati, Rohini and Rajitha– have turned into bitter competitors. In this game, Sudha has lost a couple of plume opportunities with big production houses – one as sister and the other, naturally as a mother. She is more worried about losing the sisterly role rather than that of a mother. Hoping to cash on the opportunity, the actress had even exercised to a great deal. Better luck next time!

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