Actress Gayatri Angry On Traffic policemen of Tamil Nadu

Going by the sources from Chennai, we have come to know that the Tamil actress Gayatri Sai made some sensational allegations on Chennai Traffic Police officials.

Gayatri Sai Angry on Traffic Police
Gayatri Sai Angry on Traffic Police

As we all knew that a pregnant woman Usha (36), riding pillion on a motorcycle died on the spot after falling off the bike when chased and intercepted by a traffic police inspector in suburban Tiruchi on Wednesday night. This incident opened to different opinions from the public on Traffic Police. Gayathri also expressed her anguish over the same.

She also alleged that the traffic police officials stopped her car and demanded three hundred rupees saying that she crossed the signal. When she confronted, the cop then asked hundred rupees. When she faced more, he demanded her details.

“I am one of those women who was suppressed without any reason.” said the actress. The cop immediately apologized and left the place. She revealed the incident recently and expressed her displeasure.

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