Actress Dirty Picture Revealed!

Actress Kinnera,who acted as heroine in couple of Telugu films and played character roles in several telugu films and she is also a popular TV artist, acted in several popular serials, has turned as sex broker.

Popular news Channel TV9 was recently conducted a sting operation on this actress after TV9 got many complaints about her sexual harassment’s on young girls.A lady journalist has approached this TV artist for a role in the films and Kinnera was seen telling in & outs of Tollywood and to grab roles in her own style by luring producers and directors.She also said if you want to be an actress then you would be ‘ready for everything’ and you need to be sleep with the directors and producers to get chance in films and TV serials. She also said how to maintain the structure and about the costumes.

Later Kinnera asked this girl to come to a house which tends to be guest house of Union minister and some of the film personalities also there to enjoy with the girl, but all of sudden Kinnera found hidden cameras from the girl’s handbag and understood that they are from TV9 , everyone escaped from there.

So, later TV9 conducted debate on this casting couch culture in film industry and senior film critic Sharath Kumar said that this is common in the film industry.

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