Actress Charmi Kaur Lost Her Diamond Ring

Actress Charmi, who is almost forgotten by everyone, seeks company.

After being part of Tollywood for over a decade, Charmi has tried everything from exposing to heroine oriented roles, production to dubbing, and now she is pretty much idle with no offers in her hand. The saucy siren doesn’t need company for lifetime but just to go to shopping and parities with her.

Charmi Lost Her Diamond Ring
Charmi Lost Her Diamond Ring

Charmee has the other day tweeted that she lost her bag in a shopping mall which also had a diamond ring. She said that if she had not gone to shop alone, she would not have lost her bag. Hence, she seeks company. We wonder how come this hottie is not able to get friends to give company.

Has she lost the humongous fan base she has created with her daring acts?

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