Actress caught shoplifting ear rings!

Swastika Mukherjee Ear Rings

Bengali beauty Swastika Mukharjee, who was known for her controversies in Indian film industry, came up with another trouble in Singapore. It seems that Swastika Mukharjee went to Singapore to attend Darpan Film Festival. While doing shopping, Swastika encountered a tough situation in a shop.

It seems that the shop officials caught her shoplifting ear rings. When stepping out of the shop, officials checked her and found that she was carrying ear rings from the shop. This turned out to be a controversy in the North Indian film industry. Debates and discussions are on progress in social media.

Interestingly, this actress decided not to speak on this topic. Few media segments mentioned that she refused to speak on this topic and she even reportedly asked people to stop calling her on this issue. As Swastika is not strongly rejecting this news, people are in the process of coming to a conclusion that this news is true.

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