Actress Anjali lands in more hot water!

A few weeks ago, the fight between actress Anjali and director Mu Kalanjiyam took centre stage in the entertainment media with both refusing to back down and the situation ending up tenser than ever.


Here’s the situation:

Kalanjiyam had signed Anjali for his film Oor Sutri Poranam almost a year ago, but the actress had left the shoot after just 10 days of shooting and had since gone on to do other projects. Kalanjiyam had meanwhile landed in trouble with his financiers as he had not been able to finish his film (which he was also producing), and he had suffered financial losses, running up a debt of around Rs 1 crore.

Kalanjiyam claims he just needed Anjali to stay another 20 days to finish shooting her portions of the flick for him to complete the whole project. So he served Anjali with an ultimatum that she finish his movie first before doing any other work or else he would take her to court.

Anjali had lashed out against this threat from the director and had said that nobody can stop the shooting of her films. She was, at this point, all set to do a Kannada film opposite Puneet Rajkumar.

Now, things have taken a more dramatic turn as the Producers Guild of Tamil Nadu have spoken up, and its General Secretary, Jaguar Thangam, has written a letter to the producers unions of the Malayalam, Kannada and Telugu film industries asking them to not let Anjali do any other work until she finishes Kalanjiyam’s movie!

Anjali, however, seems unwilling to do this as she has reservations about working with the temperamental director again, and to this the Producer’s Guild has replied that they are willing to provide security for the actress throughout the shoot, if necessary.

In either case, they say, Anjali cannot sign up for a movie and then say she is not interested; and if she does feel that way, she has to pay the producer for any and all losses suffered by him because of her.

Now we wait for Anjali’s final response though it doesn’t look like she has much of a choice left anymore if she plans to continue her career as an actor. So it seems, in the end, quite possibly, Mu Kalanjiyam did get the last laugh after all…

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