Actress Anjali – Director Kalanjiyam fight escalates!

The tension between actress Anjali and director Mu Kalanjiyam has gotten even worse now with both making statements against one another through the media. I guess the intent would be to get the people (or maybe just the right people) on your side, and if that is the case, Anjali is gaining with her restraintful confidence and more.. shall we say, ‘composed’ attitude.


Apparently, Kalanjiyam signed Anjali for his film Oor Suttri Poranam almost a year ago and the actress had to leave after 10 days of shooting for other commitments – now this Anjali claims was made worse by the director’s ‘actions’ and not hers.

Now, Kalanjiyam, who says he is heavily under debt for the movie which he was also producing, has been put in a tough position because he can’t even face his financiers now as the amount owed is almost Rs 1 crore. If Anjali had given him 20 days more to complete the film, he says he could have avoided this whole problem and so the actress is to be blamed for his situation.

But that’s not all of it – what has actually enraged the director more is the fact that Anjali has been acting in other films since then – in Telugu and Kannada – so he has given her the ultimatum of either finishing his movie first before acting in any other project or he will take her to court on legal grounds of breaking contractual obligations.

The indignant and outraged director even pointed out someone irrelevant to the situation as an example – Nayanthara! He said Anjali should take cues from Nayanthara on professionalism as she is working with actor Simbu even though they have a rough personal history!

And what does Anjali have to say to all this?

“I am problem free now and am not scared anymore,” says the actress, “I just finished working on my Telugu project and am now going to work with Puneet Rajkumar in a Kannada film. While I have no problems fulfilling my obligations, no one can stop my the shooting of my films.”

Kalanjiyam had complained about the situation to many film associations without avail, and Anjali says her friends in the industry understand the problem and side with her.

We’ll have to wait and see what happens in the days to come – will the director end up taking the actress to court?

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