Actor Suresh Unhappy with Bahubali Team!

Suresh on Bahubali and Rajamouli
Suresh on Bahubali and Rajamouli

Rajamouli’s much awaited film “Bahubali” getting good buzz in the film industry before its release and several stars also praised the movie, but one actor not happy with the Baahubali team and he will not supoort the movie as well as director Rajamouli and he is none other than Suresh, who acted in many films in both Telugu and Tamil languages.

“Will not support Mr.Rajamouli / #Bahubali coz he doesn’t think #jags or #suman or #Saikumar r good Enuff2 play character roles in his film”, Suresh posted on Twitter.

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Everyone knows that Tamil actor Sathya Raj and Kannada actor Sudeep played some important roles in the film Baahubali. So, it seems that this makes unhappy to the actor Suresh.

So we have to wait for Rajamouli’s answer for Suresh’s question!!

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