Actor Siva Balaji fumes on Bigg Boss

The ongoing controversial show Bigg Boss Telugu is undergoing going many twists and turns. The other day one of the participants Siva Balaji has created Ruckus inside the house.

Siva Balaji in Bigg Boss
Siva Balaji in Bigg Boss

Bigg Boss house has some set of rules, and all the 14 participants should follow them. One among them is the smoke room rule. According to it, one should go inside the smoke room and enjoy a cigarette, and the other should enter only if the first person comes out. But the existed smokers amongst the participants used to go in a bunch and smoked inside the room. The Bigg Boss warned them a couple of times but as the participants didn’t care, Bigg Boss has cut the daily quota of cigarettes. With this, the smokers have gone crazy as they desperately needed one to smoke. Siva Balaji crossed the line and cursed Bigg Boss directly in the camera. He said that Bigg Boss is giving them stupid tasks and he is so ridiculous in cutting the cigarettes. He went further and claimed that he doesn’t need fame and money through shows like this and he is ready to quit. Bigg Boss apparently gave cigarettes to them but he has set a new rule. If one person smoke inside the smoke room, other 13 participants should wait in the bathroom.

After some time, the smokers one after the other conveyed their apologies to the Bigg Boss and he finally erased that Bathroom rule. Now the participants can enjoy their smoke in the smoke room, and the remaining members can remain inside the house.

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