Actor Rajendra Prasad fined

Comedy Hero Rajendra Prasad was fined on yesterday for using a fancy registration number plate for his car and not following traffic rules. He was also jumped the signal when red light is on.

Around 11 a.m the actor jumped the signal at Khairatabad while coming from Venkatramana Colony. The cops who stopped the car were surprised to find Rajendra Prasad on the wrong side of the law. They also found that the registration number plate did not meet the prescribed RTA guidelines. They promptly issued a challan for Rs 3,000 but Rajendra Prasad picked up an argument with the police. “Don’t you know that I am an actor? How can you issue a challan and that too with such a high penalty?” the actor argued with the cops.

The traffic police, however, kept their cool and read him the rule book. The actor was told that his vehicle would be seized if the penalty was not paid. The actor paid Rs 3,000 and left the place, Punjagutta traffic inspector VVS Ramalinga Raju said.

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