Actor Prakash Raj in another controversy

Versatile actor Prakash Raj has once again hit the headlines with his anger.

Prakash Raj Another Controversy
Prakash Raj Another Controversy

This multi-talented persona has been arriving from the intentional terminal of Chennai Airport on Wednesday morning. Hardcore fans of his have surrounded him as he crosses the exit gate. An enthusiastic fan took the liberty to go further and tried to take a selfie with Prakash Raj. Irritated Prakash has lost his cool and grabbed the fan’s mobile. He then hit the mobile to the floor which obviously broke into many pieces. Shocked fans tired of talking with Prakash Raj for his behavior. But the actor furiously walked towards his car and left the airport.

The sufferer later complained to the airport officials, but it seems no one cared about the incident as Prakash is a celebrity. No wonder Prakash had many complaints in all the regional film chambers and producers councils.

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