Actor Prabhu’s Appeal to Media

Tamil actor Prabhu, the heir of legendary actor Shivaji Ganeshan, has made a soft appeal to media to help the film industry at this tough time.

Prabhu Appeal To Media
Prabhu Appeal To Media

‘You very well know the kind of situation film industry is in. With piracy and social media advent, the audience has already stopped coming to theaters. At this juncture, if media also write negative about films then who will come to watch such movies,’ Prabhu said.

‘I am not asking you to criticize badly made movies but don’t use words like ‘Worst movie’ etc. The Younger generation has been coming up with innovative subjects and working very hard to make films. We must appreciate their efforts and encourage them,’ Prabhu added in a softer tone.

Prabhu also said that he has cut down on a number of acting assignments. His son’s new film ‘Veera Shivaji’ is slated for release in November first week.

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