Actor Neeraj Vora has been in Coma for 10 months

Bollywood filmmaker cum actor Neeraj has got a sudden heart attack in the year 2016. His good friend Feroz has revealed Neeraj’s present health status now.

Neeraj Vora in Coma
Neeraj Vora in Coma

In the year 2016’s June, the actor cum producer cum director Neeraj who was busy directing Horapheri-3 had suffered from sudden heart attack. Immediately he was rushed to the hospital. Even though he was out of danger, unfortunately, he got sudden brain stroke. Since then, he has been in a coma for the last ten months. His best friend Feroz has been taking care of Neeraj all these days.

According to Feroz, Neeraj has started moving his legs and hands these days and he was confident that Neeraj will recover very soon. Entire Bollywood is praying for the quick recovery of Neeraj.

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