Action Jackson Review

Rating: 2/5

Critic Rating: (2/5)

Action Jackson Review: Strictly for the commercial cinema lovers

Action Jackson is that film which has headache written all over the screen. Be it horrendous story, illogical flow of events, exaggerated humor, and facepalm steps by Ajay Devgn. A lot of effort goes while making a film, but the final product the makers delivered is something horrific to the cinema-goers who are not a fan of an in-and-out commercial masala films.

It was saddening to see a brilliant actor like Ajay Devgn, stoop so low. Though he is the face of the movie, the film is highly disappointing. Even if Ajay Devgn sits straight-faced, that would have been acceptable, but seeing him trying so hard to dance, that was just a complete setback. Dancing has never been his game, action is. So why not just keep to action and leave the dancing part? Why Ajay? Why?

There are so many things I can pinpoint that were absurd and bizarre in the movie, but I fear, if I get started there would be no end to the rant. There is a commercial cinema fan-base in our country and I feel to them the movie will surpass their expectations. But for those who believe in a movie with cinematic extravaganza, don’t even enter the theatre.

Star Performances:

‘Ajay Devgn has come to this?’ This was the question that gnawed me since the very word go. This dusky-super-sexy man has an acting potential that has over the years churned out some seriously great cinematic experiences. But after seeing Action Jackson, truly, I am disappointed. He has a double role in the film and though these two have never met throughout their lives, they still have the same hairstyle, beard-style, action style and what-not. And when they finally swap places, it is hard to spot who is Rishi and who is AJ. I don’t even wanna get started on his dancing skills which were almost like he was made to dance on gunpoint.

Kunaal Roy Kapur is a fine actor who just doesn’t fit in the plot anywhere. Humor is his thing, but in this film he couldn’t even make me smile. What have you done Kunaal?

As for the ladies, Sonakshi Sinha and Yami Gautam, I really had to calculate who had lesser screen presence. Sona, as a part of pot boilers is now almost an acceptable fact and with Prabhu Deva, this being her nth association, she full well gets under the skin of her character, if any! As for Yami Gautam, ouch! The Fair and Lovely gurl just had one song and for the rest of the film, the pretty lady was getting beaten up by the goons. No so fair and lovely after all!

Also the film sees Manasvi Mamgai, former Femina Miss India 2010, in the shoes of an obsessed-psycho- fan of AJ. She can literally do anything for him and she does. Does what, you may ask? Well! She dances; she shows her obsession by cutting her nerves and then finally attempting to smash AJ’s ladylove’s face (Reference to Yami). Oh, and she even trims off her tresses, goes semi-bald as a sign of her love.


PrabhuDeva has a series of Action Jacksons made before. Umm! Just they were titled differently. Say like, AJ alias Wanted, AJ alias R..Rajkumar and AJ alias Rowdy Rathore. And I am not even counting the Southern films! Maybe the film is catered to the masses that might have a liking for a film of this genre. But don’t you think it becomes exhausting watching the same thing, again and again? If they make such films again and again, then chances are likely there might be a section of cinema-fanatics who would like monotony!

If the story by A.C Mughil wasn’t enough for the taking, then you even had to bear Himesh Reshammiya’s music. No further elaboration given! Plus the duration of the film was in itself a tiresome experience.

One thing that PrabhuDeva excels at is the action part of the film and on that front Action Jackson scores well. The larger than life action sequences were good. As much as he tried not to make Ajay look like Singham, he couldn’t succeed. Action Jackson and Singham have similarities, ofcourse in terms of Ajay, but besides that too there were instances where you could spot the Singham on screen.

Watch or not:

Singham, oops, Action Jackson is a recipe for headache. If you want to sit and crib and test your patience and tolerance levels then you might wanna watch it. Otherwise it can surely given a miss! For ones who love this kind of mix-masala, and Ajay Devgn fans, you’ll toh watch it anyway!

Thumbs Up: Action

Thumbs Down: Nothing new or never seen before, stereotypical commercial masala

Yawns: Almost every now and then

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