Action hero Akshay’s response on Baahubali-2

Baahubali-2 has been in the news for all the positive reasons. All the media and South Indian Celebrities hailed the flick except the Bollywood hero. Finally, the action hero Akshay Kumar voiced out his view on the movie Baahubali.

Akshay- Baahubali-2
Akshay- Baahubali-2

Known for his sweet nature and encouraging gestures, Akshay always talks about good films despite their region and star cast. Such hero finally saw the Baahubali-2 after all these days and reviewed the movie in his own style. Akshay has written that he finally saw the most hyped movie Baahubali-2. He agreed that this movie deserves every bit of hype and success. He wished all the best to the entire team of Baahubali to the success. Akshay proudly said that the movie took the Indian Filmmaking to the international standards. Generally, no other star hero praise a down looking regional flick like Telugu but Akshay felt that the film is bigger than the Bollywood and thus tweeted his opinion on this movie. Now the three Khans are pending in the response of Baahubali.

Akshay will be seen soon in Robo 2.0. He has many films lined up for him, and one among them is the sequel of Rowdy Rathore which will be penned by Vijayendra Prasad.

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