Achari America Yatra Review

Rating: 2/5

Critic Rating: (2/5)

Movie Name Achari America Yatra
Movie Rating 2/5
Movie Cast Manchu Vishnu, Pragya Jaiswal
Director G. Nageswara Reddy
Music Director SS Thaman
Production Company Kirthi Chowdary, Kittu
Release Date April 27, 2018

Manchu Vishnu as the hero and Pragya Jaiswal as the heroine, the movie Achari America Yatra finally hit the screens today. After being postponed for multiple times, Achari America Yatra had a very little buzz around before the release. After a long time, Hasyabrahma Brahmanandam is to appear in this movie. So, let us see how the movie works. Read for the full review of Achari America Yatra.


AAY Movie Photos
AAY Movie Photos

Vishnu who played a priest in Denikayina Ready movie has played the same role again. Krishnamachari played by Vishnu is a priest who lives by performing pujas and religious rituals. His Guru (Brahmanandam) is called to perform a Homam (Hindu ritual performed). Krishnamachari and his guru perform the ritual for Raju, who is a nefarious person.

At the same time, the family gets to face a bad news. The head of the house (Kota Srinivasa Rao) passes away. Raju who believes that it is because of Krishnamachari and his guru’s bad performance of Homam had resulted in the death, tries to kill them.

These priests runway to save their lives. Krishnamachari decides to leave to the US to hide from Raju. What happens in America, what is the real reason for Krishnamachari to leave to the US is to be watched in the theaters only.

Roles and Performances:

Vishnu Manchu is in a dire need for success. We can see that effort to keep his mark in acting. As a priest, Vishnu looks apt and his comedy timing is to be appreciated. But, the role is not that well-written and hence doesn’t work out well. Pragya Jaiswal who appeared in a royal role in Kanche appears as a girl-next-door in this movie. She has done justification for her role.

After a long time, Brahmanandam has got a role with decent length. But, the comedy is not striking. There is nothing new to be explored in the comedy track.

Other actors like Praveen, Prabhas Seenu, 30 years Indusry Prudhvi, Posani were not properly utilized. The villains are okay and justified their roles well.


Manchu Vishnu in AAY
Manchu Vishnu in AAY

Vishnu Manchu who is trying well to give entertainment to the audience need to introspect. The selection of unique stories from different genres may help him.

Director Nageswar Reddy is known for his comical take over the movies and his write-ups are known for their entertainment factors. Though there is enough entertainment factor, because the movie was postponed for multiple times, nothing seems interesting. Writer Venkata Krishna Malladi has done a good work.

Technical Aspects:

No Logic in the story and no proper plot. The screenplay disappoints too. Touted to be a comedy entertainer, there is nothing much served. First Half is better compared to the uninteresting second half. Production values are good. The Camera work is good. As half of the movie is shot in the US, the locations are good and capture of the lens is fine. Music is in sync with the narration, but not that good.

Final Verdict: Skip. Even without expectations, this movie disappoints.

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