Ace singer fires on YouTube channel over her daughter’s personal video

Ace playback singer, anchor and dubbing artist Sunitha has two children one boy (Aakash) and one girl (Shreya). Now the singer is very angry with some YouTube Channels over making a video that features the personal photographs of her daughter Shreya and tagged it disparage headings to grab the attention of audiences.

Sunitha, Shreya
Sunitha, Shreya

According to the latest update, a YouTube Channel has released a video with the head line- ‘Sunitha Kuthuru ni Chusara! Kathi laga Undi’. The video contains few edited photographs of Singer’s loving daughter Shreya, that raised the temper of Sunitha and she is very upset. The singer is fired and said,” Who have given rights to them to drag my daughter into their videos.”

On the occasion of her birthday, she attended a TV program and admitted that initially, she planned to file a police complaint and approach cyber crime against the channel and video makers for making a video on her daughter but later she thought that her act couldn’t stop it on the internet.

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