Ace singer Chinmayi was groped in an event

Singer Chinmayi has taken to her Twitter to share that she was groped at an event yesterday (March 11), and the talented singer shared her shocking feelings about it.

Singer Chinmayi
Singer Chinmayi

“After almost aeons I got groped at an event yesterday. I happened to share this story on Instagram and what shocked me is how many men and women have been molested as children (teachers, brothers, co passengers, uncles, grandparents and even women).

Most common places – Their own home, public transport, places of worship, educational institutions. Most girls and boys haven’t mustered the strength to share it with their family and friends coz no one would believe it. Even if girls have a chance of being heard, men have NONE.

Men are shamed if they share an account of sexual assault/molestation during childhood. Women who gathered the courage to share have been blamed “she enjoyed it”. Imagine grown adults accusing a child of enjoying sexual assault. And other seemingly sane adults believing it.”

Chinmayi posted in detail about this groping incident, on her Instagram space. She also recollected her bad memories of being sexually harassed when she was a 7-year-old kid.

The post read, “So, at the finale shoot and general audience selfie-mania (from all the celebs of course), I got groped. Its been a very long while since I have been groped. Don’t know if I should be mad that the channel didn’t budget for security or if I should have walked out instead of grinning, pretending as if everything is normal and finally leaving.

Eventually, today’s episode was about a child that would win. I didn’t want to be a wet blanket on the goings on. But I guess I needed a reminder that just because I hang out with and my circle is made of fantastic men, everyone ain’t the same. And that women across the world need to grin and bear it.

The first time I was molested was by a man of -lets say – religion. (Mentioning the religion would be unnecessary controversy). I was 7. Sleeping. And his hands were in my underwear. I wasn’t scared then to go tell my mom that ‘that uncle’ was bad. I am sure that guy is still a paedophile, still being A MAN OF GOD.

Today, though my brain shut down for a short while until I realized I had to look normal for the camera. I think educational institutions should let girls and boys interact with each other like normal beings. They segregate them. And once done with college how would these people move normally in a work environment?

At this point, I am shocked how many girls are messaging me of their encounters with paedophiles. And the fear of not talking about it ever. Speak up girls!!! It is *never* your fault if you are touched without your consent, no matter what you wear.

As with paedophiles – boys are at equal risk. You’d be shocked if you knew how many young boys are molested/raped/sexually abused. At least girls have a chance of being heard. Many boys grow up, live with the trauma in silence. Remember this.”

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