Ace Senior Tamil actor insults Dhansika in a press meet

The multi-faceted T Rajendar got into a heated argument with the Kabali girl Dhansika during the press meet event of Vizhithiru.

TR and Dhansika
TR and Dhansika

When TR was given the mike, he had accused Dhansika of missing to talk about him during her speech, “Dhansika forgot this T Rajendar after acting with Superstar in Kabali, she even failed to mention my name in her speech.”

When Dhansika tried to ask Sorry, TR was reluctant and kept going, “There are some basic ethics that you need to follow when you talk on a stage, I will always speak my heart; this is not a controversy, this is the truth. You will have to address everyone who is seated on the stage, that is ethics.”

When Dhansika interrupted and said she had great respect for TR and forgot his name as she was not used to giving a speech on stage, TR said “what am I going to do with your respect? In which market could I sell it?” The argument got ugly and Dhansika eventually broke down to tears.

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