Ace Pakistani Actor’s Hair Transplant Goes Wrong

Ace Pakistani actor-writer Syed Sajid Hasan recently had a harrowing experience after getting a hair transplant. In a video message, the veteran actor narrated how an old acquaintance, a medical doctor, had been pleading him for nine years to get a hair transplant done for him. Two months ago, he accepted the plea, but found it strange that prior to the surgery, no medical tests were conducted.

Sajid Hasan
Sajid Hasan

Hasan further stated that a day after the transplant process started, he fell sick and suffered an infection on his head as well as severe fever for 10 days. He further said, however, the doctor kept assuring me that all is well and this is normal procedure. He added that during this ordeal, he remained passed out for 15 days but even then the doctor did not consider it a big deal and “kept cleaning the wound with saline water”.

In the video then, Mr Hasan bows his head and shows the wound inflicted on the top of his head during the surgery, saying “now the scene is this. I am suffering a lot, for his (doctor’s) negligence and not cleaning the wound (properly). So is my family. I have been facing extreme problems for the last two months and had to suffer professionally too.” This is Syed Hasan’s way of spreading awareness and warning others seeking hair transplants.

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