Ace filmmaker set to launch Akhil in Bollywood?

For those who are in the glamor industry, to stay in the limelight and create publicity for self is a necessity. But, that doesn’t mean one needs to create a fake image and spoil the credibility of the person involved. It’s Akhil’s PR team in discussion.

Akhil-Karan Johar
Akhil-Karan Johar

As per reports, Akhil attended the birthday bash of Bollywood filmmaker Karan Johar, and also the pics clicked during the party, the PR team started publicizing that Karan and Akhil are in touch with each other and they are tight-lipped about Akhil’s launch in Bollywood.

This seems really ridiculous as Karan Johar has a big list of Bollywood celebrity star kids who want him to launch them. It is heard that Karan Johar will launch Akhil in B-town.

If this comes true, then Akhil will carry the legacy of Akkineni. Because Akkineni Nageswara Rao has made his Bollywood debut and his father Nagarjuna also made debut with Siva in B-Town.

Well, Akhil is yet to prove himself in Tollywood, and his preparation for Bollywood is a distant dream, as of now. What say, folks?

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