Ace director fed up with actress behavior. But why? Read on to find

Recently, one ace director and reputed actress had a big spat on the sets. Yes, you heard it right. If the latest reports are to be believed, a director is completely upset with this Heroine’s attitude. She never arrived on sets on-time and by the time she puts on makeup it’s almost lunch.

Director Angry on Heroine
Director Angry on Heroine

It is also heard that the gorgeous looking Heroine these days is drinking on sets sitting alone in her caravan further damaging the work atmosphere. Whenever she comes out of caravan inebriated to shoot for a scene, other actors are automatically raising objection.

Other than getting angry on this drunkard multi talented heroine every day, there’s nothing much happening for director regarding the shoot. Take your own time and guess the actress and director’s name folks.

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