Ace comedian Pallu Babu finally gets relief from his life struggles

Lack of offers in the film industry turned an actor to a beggar to live. Going into details, Kollywood Comedian Pallu Babu who acted in a Tamil hit movie Kadhal 2004 was found begging near a temple in Chulaimedu on Friday.

Pallu Babu gets relief from his life struggles
Pallu Babu gets relief from his life struggles

Though the movie was a blockbuster, it did not bring in any offers to him. He got depressed after his parents’ death, and the situation turned worse as no roles were offered to him.

Unable to find a source of income he then turned as a beggar. Up to this, it’s a known new for all of us. However, now responding on Pallu Babu issue, stunt master Dina and director Mohan lent their support to him and took Pallu Babu to their house. They also released a video about the same with Pallu Babu.

Well, it’s really a pathetic and heart touching situation to an actor in Film Industry. Isn’t it?

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