Ace Bollywood actress experiences severe problem on flight

Twinkle Khanna is the undisputed queen of satire and humor. Her weekly newspaper columns give the issue of the day a satirical, humourous twist and bring the problem to the forefront without lending it any controversial airs.
She an educated opinion on everything and doesn’t mince her words to please the public. Twinkle Khanna’s wit has become legendary, so much so that her husband Akshay Kumar and good friends Aamir Khan and Karan Johar have reportedly said that they are afraid of her.

Ace Bollywood actress experiences severe problem on flight
Ace Bollywood actress experiences severe problem on flight

Twinkle Khanna who is known as @mrsfunnybones on Twitter is one of the most popular celebrity on the micro-blogging site, and most of her tweets go viral because of the high humour quotient in it.

So, when she tweeted about a passenger’s smelly socks which is making her choke in a flight at 30,000 ft and asked people to give advice, it quickly became viral and Twitterati came up with some funny, ingenious and epic suggestions for her.

Twinkle Khanna took to Twitter to share her smelly dilemma. Her co-passenger in the flight had smelly socks. Twinkle Khanna after no longer able to stop herself, tweeted her problem to the kind and good Samaritans on Twitter for help.

She wrote, “Polite way of telling fellow passenger about the 2 dead toads in his socks, chemical weapons capable of decimating nations? #ChokingAt30000Ft.” Twinkle Khanna later complained to the air hostess about the smelly socks. The air hostess sprayed the passenger’s smelly feet with perfume.

On the work front, Twinkle Khanna is producing Padman which stars National Award-winner actor and husband Akshay Kumar and Sonam Kapoor. Radhika Apte also plays an important role in the film.

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