Ace B-Town producer makes actors personal life into troubles

After running into trouble with Central Board of Film Certification, Balaji honcho Ekta Kapoor is planning to turn towards the web, in order to put out more adult content. This comes on the back of Ken Ghosh’s movie XXX, which she was producing, getting into trouble with the CBFC.

Ekta Kapoor
Ekta Kapoor

A source close to Balaji films said, “After no help from the certification board, Ekta has planned to launch a new web channel to produce adult content. Ekta seems to have cracked the code to putting out good ‘adult’ content using the web. Previously, Ken, who claimed he was trying to level up explicit content in Bollywood was left shocked at the board’s reaction to it.

While, the board had asked the makers to re-edit the film and reapply for certification, there doesn’t seem to be a ray of hope for the movie so far. It’s to be seen if Ekta, taking XXX as the starting point, can capture the web market for adult content as well.

However, with no limitations from Censor board, Ekta decided to show the bold erotic content and this made many heroes falling into personal troubles with their real time life partners.

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