Why accidents are happening in film shootings?

Accidents in film shootings turned more common, these days. In previous days, we used to hear about accidents quite rarely. Recently, “Power” team encountered high quotient fire accident in its sets. On the other hand, Gunasekhar’s “Rudramadevi” too was struck in an accident in the recent times.


Few more flicks in the recent past encountered accidents. “Why exactly, these accidents are happening?” turned out to be the point to analyze. The thing is that the films in Tollywood are raising themselves to a new standard with respect to stunts. These stunts are hitting directly on the risk factor.

Almost all the accidents which happened in the recent times are due to the spine shivering stunt sequences. In Bollywood, this aspect is common and now it is becoming the same in Tollywood. Hope, Tollywood film makers takes necessary actions to avoid accidents.

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