Abusive Comments on Ameesha Patel’s Private Parts

It’s been common in the recent times for the female celebrities on social media to face backlash and pointless abuse. With the advent of the social networking sites, there is no control for some people who bump into the celebrities and make unnecessary comments. The trolls have also become a big problem for them. The recent victim for the online trolls is the Bollywood heroine Ameesha Patel who was seen in Telugu movies Nani with Mahesh Babu and Badri with Pawan Kalyan.

Ameesha Patel in Dubai
Ameesha Patel in Dubai

Going into the details, Ameesha Patel recently shared pictures of herself while being on a shopping spree at a mall in Dubai. Some irresponsible netizens have posted disgusting comments about her private parts which irked her. Some supporters and fans of Ameesha have come in support of her but somewhere, someone should put an end to this online abuse.

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