Abhishek Bachchan’s new shape for ‘Businessman’!

Director Puri Jagannath’s Hindi film ‘Businessman’ has been postponed till next year, giving lead actor Abhishek Bachchan three straight months to get in shape for the role that requires him to have an enviable physique.

While much has been said and written about Abhishek getting into the fitness regime, what is not known is that ‘Businessman’ would require Abhishek to be in excellent shape.

‘In fact, more than ‘Dhoom 3’ where all the action sequences would centre on Aamir Khan, it is ‘Businessman’ where Abhishek would really have to work on his physique. It’s the story of a suave agile gangster who treats his work like a proper organised business and gets into the action mode on several occasions,’ says a source.

In fact, it’s said that one reason why the film has been postponed is to let Abhishek build a physique like that of Telugu superstar Mahesh Babu, who plays the title role in the Telugu version of ‘Businessman’.

When approached, director Puri Jagannath said: ‘We’re starting the Telugu version of ‘Businessman’ in September. It will be shot entirely in Mumbai. The Hindi version of the film starts next year. Beyond that, I wouldn’t want to reveal the plans we have for Abhishek.’

Meanwhile, Kajal Aggarwal, who made quite an impact in ‘Singham’, will star opposite Mahesh Babu in the Telugu version.

However, it’s said that efforts are on to rope Kajal for the Hindi version of ‘Businessman’ as well.

Earlier, the plan was to cast a new girl from the south opposite Abhishek for the film which is set in the underworld.(IANS)

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