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Rating: 2.5/5

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Been there, seen that!

Remo D’Souza latest installment to the ABCD series is something you have seen and done before. Yes, not in Bollywood, but if you have seen any of the Step Up movies or Street Dance or even Pitch Perfect for that matter, then you exactly my point.

The film has too many technical errors and if I am to sit and jot them down, it would take like forever. But getting past the technicalities, where dancing is concerned, the film is done decently. The story begins on a note of plagiarism, but honestly speaking, the ‘inspired’ from the west concept is written all over the film.

There are some really not so good scripting goof-ups, predictable storyline and a lot many things. But since, Indians are reaching out for World Championships and the pride of representing the country on world stage is something that runs through every Indian’s mind. No, we are not talking about Happy New Year’s plot here. Didn’t it feel like that? But with the “dance to express and not impress” is the main motto yet again.

The journey of Mumbai Stunners to Indian Stunners, with a few having ulterior motives, and a few keeping dancing as priority is something any dance film has as its plot. That’s the formula. Take dancers, put them in testing situations, there is a weakling, someone gets hurt, someone betrays trust, someone finds love, someone finds pride and then ultimately in the end they make their country proud. A typical dance film. Mind it, for over 154 minutes that is what is explored.

Varun Dhawan and Shraddha Kapoor in ABCD 2
Varun Dhawan and Shraddha Kapoor in ABCD 2

Star Performances:

Varun Dhawan can dance, all know that. But there are times he seems stiff and comes across as trying too hard. Not anybody can do a few moves the talented actor has pulled off. It is easier said than done. But then dancing doesn’t come to one and all. There are people with ‘two left feet’. Varun has both the feet working fine and nice. In terms of acting, in a few scenes you’d be wondering, if he is the same Varun whose last film was Badlapur. All I can say is we know Varun’s potential, hence the high expectations and disappointments when they aint fulfilled.

ABCD 2 Movie Team
ABCD 2 Movie Team

Shraddha Kapoor adding the dancing feather to her cap, after acting and singing. But the pretty girl comes as stiff and trying too hard to dance in a few sequences. But in a few, she pulls off the moves very well. For second half of the film, she is the retired hurt team player.

Prabhudeva’s dancing skills need absolutely no introduction. He can still, single-handedly beat people to dance-off battles. Even at this age, he is very flexible. In terms of acting, he does a fair job.

Others dancers like Dharmesh, Raghav, Punit, Lauren, Praveen, Sushant, Karthik, and the uncredited ones were really good. Dancing is their passion and it clearly reflects. They have danced their hearts out!


I don’t even know where to start. Be it the dialogues, the references, the ‘inspiration’, the stereotypes, or many other things. But yes, it takes a lot of effort and hardwork to make a film of that potential and caliber. Remo’s films have western influences with desi tadka to it. We really wish his next to be all desi, maybe.

Ratings: 2.5, extra .5 for the world dancers

The cinematograpy by Vijay Arora is worth the mention. The camera angles, techniques, motions of the camera and frame enhance the dance moves, definitely. On musical terms Sachin-Jigar have a good score and the fact that they did hip-hop “Vande-Matram, Chunar” and other tracks, takes things to another level.

Watch or not:

A film for dance enthusiasts only. Don’t attempt to find logic in it. It is commercial in its true sense. So if you want to see people dance passionately, watch it! And if you want a good story within the 154 minutes of your viewing experience, then I’d suggest do not watch it!

Thumbs Up: Dance moves

Thumbs Down: “Inspiration” written all over it, weak plot, technical errors.

Yawns: Yes. Many

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