Abbayitho Ammayi Movie Review

Rating: 2.5/5

Critic Rating: (2.5/5)

The most important thing in any film industry is to get recognition and following. Having these two, actors are said to be stars and superstars. They are demigods to their fans. Budding actors try very hard to reach that position. Naga Shaurya is one such promising actor who have given couple of nice movies. He is coming with Abbayitho Ammai directed by Ramesh Varma of Ride and Veera fame produced under Kiran Studios. Let’s see how it works on audience.

A Still from Abbayitho Ammayi
A Still from Abbayitho Ammayi


Abhi (Naga Shourya) is a most jovial young lad who is well supported by his father (Mohan) in every aspect of life. Prarthana (Palak Lalwani), who is most restricted by her father (Rao Ramesh) in her choices. They both meet and fall in love with each other. Simultaneously, Abhi chats with a girl named “Samantha” on facebook with a fake id named “Pawan”. On the birthday of Abhi, Prarthana arranges a secret party at her home and they end up being caught by her father. Things start going negative and question arises on their relationship. How they solved their problems?? Who is the other girl?? and Abhi’s solutions for Prarthana’s problems forms rest of the story.

Cast and Performance

Naga Shourya as Abhi is fantastic and lived in his role. He looks good on screen. Palak Lalwani as Prarthana is good. She performed well in an impressive way. Veteran Actor Mohan as Abhi’s father is superb. He seemed to be an apt selection for that role. Rao Ramesh as usually lives in his role. His acts as a sadistic and doubtful father are treat to watch on screen. Tulasi and Pragathi is good. Tejaswi Madivada, Brahmanandham, Shani, Praveen and other actors are impressive.

Writing Department

Most important and basic need and effort that should be put in making a movie is in its writing. Without proper script, no star can make movie a hit. It has been proved by audience, many times. Coming to this “Abbayitho Ammayi”, its script work can be evaluated as an average effort. Plot line is good which is mixed with this generation’s fears and conflicts. Screenplay is mediocre, which at some places bring out the most irritation to the audience. Dialogues are good at some places. The writing department should have worked more in making the script appealing.

Abbayitho Ammayi Posters
Abbayitho Ammayi Posters

Technical Departments

Music by Legend “Maestro Ilayaraja” garu is good. His background music generates and adds required depth to most of the scenes. Cinematography by Sam K Naidu is superb. His visuals are delight to watch. Editing by S R Sekhar is just average. Many scenes can be chopped out to make this movie more racy. Brahma Kadali did magic for sets in songs. His work complemented Sam K Naidu to make it a visual delight. Title sequence CG work and animation is nice. Production values of Kiran Studios are nice.


Actor’s Performances
Sam K Naidu Cinematography


Tedious Screenplay


Movie begins with an animated sequence of a boy and girl in a Wall E like looks with a lended voice of Raj Tarun for the male character. These two characters narrate story. First half of this movie is average. Tedious screenplay and some rotten comedy makes it awful at some places. It ends with the both leads getting into problems. Director seems to be confused at various places. The impact which makers expected while writing script is not translated correctly on screen.Second half starts with hero solving heroine’s problems. It makes us question where the story is heading towards.This movie lacks the necessary depth, believable sequences and chemistry between both the leads. To sum up, Abbayitho Ammayi is an emotional ride lack of depth.

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