AB’s wound still bleeds

MUMBAI, JUNE 20 (INDIATIMES MOVIES) Some wounds take long to heal and some memories time to fade away..Seems like Abhishek Bachchan is still indifferent towards Viveik Oberoi. Some days back the news was that they were to do an item number together for Apoorva Lakhiya’s Mission Istanbul. However Abhishekh clarified at a recent event that he is doing an item number for "Appu" as he considers Abhishekh his lucky mascot, regardless of who is going to star in the video. A clear snub to Oberoi.
Now there are reasons for Salman and Viveik to be at loggerheads with each other but one wonders what is keeping an otherwise happy go lucky AB baby indifferent towards Viveik till date? Surel;y it cant be because Viveik was Ash’s ex- boyfy..

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