Aata Aarambham Review

Rating: 4/5

Critic Rating: (4/5)

When you make action thrillers you need a watertight screenplay. The story can be a bit out of track, people wont mind as long as you give them enough to keep them on the edge of their seats. Aata Aarambham does just that, not without its drawbacks though.

Plot: After a series of bomb blasts rip Mumbai apart, the police are on the hunt to solve the case. Arjun (Arya) who is a hacker-par-excellence is tricked into assisting Ashok (Ajith) who is the mastermind behind these blasts. Who is Ashok, what is his past; why is he orchestrating terror in the country and what is his motive forms the rest of the story.

Analysis: Director Vishnuvardhan who gave us sleek products like Billa and Panja is in his elements right from the start. The story takes off like an F1 car that zooms off the starting blocks. The entire first half, leaving the songs apart, is paced very well. The actors Ajith, Arya, Nayanatara and Tapasee do a good job too.

The story takes a twist at the interval and post interval we are introduced to Ashok’s past. Here Rana Daggubati has an impressive cameo as Sanjay an ACP in the ATS squad. Mahesh Manjrekar as the corrupt Home Minister Rane, gives a good performance too.

The movie’s soul is its screenplay. Never stepping the foot off the gas, the director ensures that any deficiencies in the story are made up for with the pace of the script. The action sequences are brilliantly shot. Cinematography by Om Prakash is another plus while the back ground score by Yuvan Shankar Raja is a perfect foil for the director’s execution of the script.

Not often do you get to watch a commercial cinema that does not insult your intelligence. Aata Arambham, though not as good as Kamal Hasan’s Vishwaroopam, falls in a similar league. The only let downs are the songs; they are totally unnecessary and eat into the run-time which stretches past 150 minutes which is a tad too too long for an action thriller of this repertoire. Yet, I am going with 4/5 for Aata Arambham, it is a film that will not let you down.

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