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There is nothing new under the sun; so the adage goes. There is nothing new in Aata. Nothing novel also. It is an ordinary story told very ordinarily, with some of the scenes giving you a strong feeling of seen-it-in-some-other-movie, particularly ‘GUDUMBA SHANKAR.


The hero is brought up in a cinema theatre atmosphere and conditions himself to do some good things in life like the heroes do in films. Meanwhile, the villain, son of the Home Minister is bent upon marrying Sathya(Ileana). She does not want to marry and runs away only to be rescued by the hero. The villain rapes a college girl and kills her and declared not guilty in the court. The victim happens to be the friend of the heroine. After listening to the problem of heroine, the hero brings her along to the villain’s house. He is accepted by the villain as a friend, since he brought back the girl he wanted to marry. After gaining the confidence of the villain, the hero starts playing games with the villain. The rest of the story deals with how the hero and heroine get united.


Siddharatha is his usual self and the story doesn’t offer him any chance to show his histronics.Ileana is glamour personified and very watchable.Nothing much to perform,

Munna the debutant villain fits the bills.Jayaprakash Reddy and Anuradha impress as the villainous couple. Sunil performs well in his comedy role.Siddhartha and Jayaprakash Reddy performed well in comedy scenes.

Technical Details:

Screenplay is average, but for the two twists immediately after the interval and in the climax. Cinematography and editing are good and up to the standards. Music is a definite plus point. The title song ‘aata aata anukunte’ sung by Shankar Mahadevan is excellent. ‘Hoyna….’sung by Karthik and Chitra is a pleasing melody. The fight sequences are well picturised and so are the dance numbers.


Gets a rating of 2.5 out of a possible 5.0. The film fits the slot of ‘time-pass category’ and may not have repeat audience unless one is enamoured with Ileana.After all the prerelease announcements and pronouncements of MS Raju, we have to wait for the verdict of the audience.

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