Aashiq Abu’s Confusing Response to Gangster Haters!

Aashiq Abu’s Gangster, starring Mammootty, which released in over a 120 theatres in India alone has been a disappointment box office wise. The movie, which had unique promotional tactics, started off with a bang; bringing in record collections on the release date but started getting mixed reviews from the fans after the first viewing.


The movie’s over the top gunfights, lack of dialogues from the Megastar and sometimes “laughable” ones are the reasons according to some fans. Though the movie must have definitely made a profit by selling its rights, it fell far short of the expectations after being polled as “The Most Awaited Movie of 2014”.

Gangster also reportedly landed in some legal trouble with the Regional Censor Board over certain uncertified posters of the movie.

Aashiq however, seems unfazed and maybe even a little annoyed by the harsh criticism from the audience though he thanked those who took the time to write unbiased reviews.

His confusing response, with many possible explanations, to the ‘haters’ was: Danger is real, fear is a choice!

While this ambiguous statement seems to have left the fans with a confused look on their faces, Aashiq has also added that he doesn’t care to respond to comments that “don’t deserve one”.

In fact, according to Aashiq himself and the ever running rumour mill, he is already planning another movie with Mammootty – a family thriller of sorts. This is in addition to his previously announced movie with his wife Rima based on the viral amateur song ‘Maahile pennugale kandikka’ which caused some furore by itself too.
Mammootty, on the other hand, is busy with his movie Manglish in which he plays a fish merchant who has trouble with the English language but chooses to use it whenever he wants, leading to hilarious outcomes. Caroline Bach co stars with him though not opposite to him.


Mammootty posted this selfie of himself trying on the ‘Google Glasses’, from the location yesterday:

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