Aashiq Abu Retreats from Facebook ‘War’

The director of the upcoming Mammootty flick ‘Gangster’ set for domestic and international release on April 11th, Aashiq Abu, seems to have got himself in a bit of trouble in the social media recently.

aashiq abu

It was before wrapping up ‘Gangster’ that Aashiq happened to hear the recent hit viral Mallu Rap song ‘Maahithe Pennungale Kandkka’ sung by a group of amateur girls, which spread like wildfire on WhatsApp. Inspiration struck the director soon and he decided on his next project – a movie with importance to music and dance starring his wife and actress, Rima Kallingal. The couple posted the news on Facebook and even quoted the song as their inspiration.

Then trouble started raising its head as news came out that the song was sung by school girls from Kasargod district and then counter arguments indicating that it was schoolboys who originally came up with it. The debate soon turned to Aashiq himself on Facebook pages and online crowds accused him of being partial to his home district of Kannur.

Though the director came back on Facebook making it clear that who sang the song had nothing to do with the movie itself, which was just inspired by it and the song would work regardless of who sang it, the fight has now moved in to an interesting chapter.

It seems lyrics are being set to the same tune against both districts by respective natives and now a social media war of ‘battle rap’ is raging between the two areas, online.

Who would have guessed listening to a song and being inspired by it could have led to so much trouble for the ambitious director?

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