Aarti Agarwal’s funeral tributes in the US

Aarthi Agarwal Final Rites in New Jersey
Aarthi Agarwal Final Rites in New Jersey

Aarti Agarwal reportedly has passed away on the 5th of June, at the age of 30. This is indeed a sad news for the whole of Tollywood industry to lose an actress at this age. Aarti Agarwal’s family has been waiting for the postmortem reports in order to proceed with the death ceremony on Tuesday which will be held in her hometown, New Jersey, USA.

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To add to this tragic death, Aarti flew to New Jersey recently from Hyderabad to visit her family and undergo a liposuction surgery. This surgery might be the cause of her death but also, preliminary, the cause of her death was stated as due to cardiac arrest. The death of Aarti has left all her family members in a state of paralyzed shock as it was expected in the least.

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