Aamir’s son indulges at Dilli Haat

Junaid, the celebrated star kid of Aamir Khan, is nothing like the rest of the kids in the block racing to filmdom. He sports simple, unconventional, yet intellectual looks that speak volumes of a good personality upbringing. Unlike the rest in the group who have taken to the front stage with acting, Junaid chose a more engrossing, technical way in Bollywood. He is currently assisting Rajkumar Hirani for his film Peekay, that stars daddy Aamir himself. The crew was recently shooting at Dilli Haat, and Junaid looked cool, laid back and enjoyed some lip smacking delights while he was working. “It is good to be here in Delhi. I couldn’t attend World Tourism Day event with the crew as I was shooting. We came to Dilli Haat earlier for a recce. Since I haven’t bought anything this time, I will come back soon only to shop for my family. We don’t have anything like Dilli Haat back in Mumbai” he chuckled, sharing his experience. Talking about the food enjoyed, Junaid expressed that he totally loved the Momos there. Talk about father’s perfectionism and classiness passing off to an offspring via genes!

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