Aamir’s fallen ill

Aamir Khan’s promotional tour for his home production ‘Peepli Live’ saw him in Australia a few days ago, and that’s where the star fell ill. It seems that when Aamir returned to Mumbai from Down Under, he had a slight fever and mild body ache. But in just a few hours, his health went really bad. He had a very high fever, a throat infection, and was so tired that he couldn’t get out of bed. And he had to miss the cast and crew screening of ‘Peepli Live’ as a result.

The star and his family are worried because the fever isn’t going down. Aamir’s doctor has asked him to take complete bed rest and also recommended some tests. Blood tests have already been done, the results of which are awaited. And it seems more tests are going to be done, if there’s still no improvement in Aamir’s condition.

Amitabh Bachchan is concerned about Aamir too. He posted on his Twitter page, "Setting up with Aamir to see Peepli Live. He is down with high fever ! Spoke to him. Get well soon !"

We hope it’s nothing serious, and here’s wishing that Aamir gets well soon.


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