Aamir plans film with Slumdog director

Aamir Khan is known for choosing his film subjects with a lot of care. He is also known to experiment in all his films and he gives equal importance to the selection of his directors as well as his heroines.

Aamir is now flush with the success of his recent film Ghajini. His next film could well be with Danny Boyle.

Well, Danny Boyle is the director of Slumdog Millionaire. The film has been nominated for the Oscars in 10 different categories and the film is making waves every where.

Aamir Khan sets the tongues wagging when he spent considerable time with director Danny Boyle at the premiere of Slumdog. Aamir is said to be keen to do a film with Danny. So be prepared for an official announcement from Aamir in the near future.

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