Aamir Khan’s P.K poster Copied?

The poster that had been making waves since its very first look, Aamir Khan’s P.K inspired too! Turns out that nude Aamir, brought the freshness in the poster after the same had been done previously by a Portuguese Singer.


Quim Barreiros posed nude with nothing but an accordion. And in then ‘inspired’ look, Aamir holds an old transistor. The Portuguese singer Quim, adopted this as his promotional gig to garner some attention. And so did the makers of P.K. The nudity did help in grabbing eyeballs to the first look.

This isn’t the first time that Aamir’s movies or for that example his posters are said to be lifted or copied. Remember Dhoom 3? Talaash? Ghajini? All these had posters copied oops, ‘inspired’ from Hollywood.

Well! Here in India we don’t say copied or lifted but deem it to be an artistic approach and label it as ‘inspred’.

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