Aamir Khan still in mourning

Aamir Khan is not Mr Perfectionist only in movies, but also when it comes to matters close to family. The actor recently lost his father, filmmaker Tahir Hussain, due to a massive heart attack.

Aamir’s mother Zeenat, who stays in Pune, gets lots of visitors everyday offering condolence. The actor realised it is high time all this comes to an end.

Not only that, Aamir is taking his mom to his Panchgani house, so that she is not disturbed by anyone and can stay in peace.

Reportedly, the actor has told his secretary to cancel all his professional commitments, as he will be spending time with his mother till the end of the month. And along with wife Kiran Rao, his brother Faisal Khan will also stay withthe actor in Panchgani.

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