Aamir Khan joins Twitter

It’s his first official day on Twitter and Aamir Khan already has a whopping 52642 followers. So far, Aamir’s only following Amitabh Bachchan who persuaded him to get on the site.

Aamir had said last month that he would start tweeting from July 1, and that he did. Even though his first message came yesterday. All he posted was, "Testing. Aamir."

To this, Big B responded, "Aamir, You have been tried and tested ! Welcome ! And thank you for agreeing to come on board ! Now handle it, brother!"

Aamir’s nephew was next in welcoming him on the site. "Guys, please welcome the REAL Aamir Khan," he posted.

Priyanka Chopra wrote, "Welcoming the amaZing Aamir Khan!!! Show him some loooove people!!!"

This was followed by Dia Mirza: "Big shout out to the 1 and only, aamir Khan is finally here! Let the joy unfold!"

Aamir responded early today, tweeting in chaste Urdu, with a special mention of Big B, "Bhala gardish falak ki chain deti hai kise Insha, ganimat hai ke hum surat yahan do-chaar baithey hain. Esp for you sir. Love."

He added later, "Thanks for the warm welcome guys. Love. Aamir."

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